Crack Open a Cold One With Your Meal

Visit our deli to watch the next big game with beer and sandwiches

A draft beer can hit the spot on any Friday night. If you want to enjoy dinner and drinks, stop by 5 Points Deli & Grill in Montgomery, AL. We have a rotating list of beers on draft, and we serve a wide selection of domestic bottles and cans. With plenty of options on our menu, you can find a beer for everyone to enjoy.

Reach out to us now to find out what we have on draft. We don't serve liquor or wine.

Wondering how you can pass the time here?

Grabbing a quick drink is a great way to spend any evening. With a beer in hand surrounded by enjoyable company, you can:

  • Unwind after a long day at work
  • Watch the next big game with your friends
  • Catch up with your buddies on a Friday night

With our welcoming atmosphere, fantastic beers and large TVs, you'll have a great evening here with us. Stop by today if you want a fun place to catch the next big game.